The staff at Consignworks works very hard to keep our clients’ trust – both buyer and sellers. We are also A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Our clients are our strongest measure of satistfaction – here’s what they have to say. These reviews and references are not edited.


If you are ever in need of dissolving a much beloved home full of furnishings, do not hesitate to contact Deb at Consignworks. For us, this was a very emotional event in parting with 42 years of memories and Deb and her team made it so much easier to handle. They are professional, comprehensive, honest and efficient as well as caring and considerate of our treasures and the move itself.
We met with Deb pre-pandemic and made arrangements to get back together when the home was ready to go on the market and were very happy with the plan. Who knew what would happen in a few short months and we thought that Deb was not going to be able to help us. Her words to me in May were – “I committed to help clean out the house and whether it’s Plan A, B or C, we will make it happen.” And, she did.
Deb and her team found a way to keep everyone safe while moving through her newly crafted process of online estate sales. I’m sure it was not easy for her and her team to have to devise new ways of liquidating estates during this Covid time, but they worked tirelessly and respectfully to catalogue everything, stage it, and carefully remove it from the house. They put much time and effort into ensuring that everything was priced reasonably. Obviously their methodology worked as the sale was a huge success for both the buyers and us as sellers! Deb has many resources to help with specialty items right through to cleaning out all remaining items from the home.
This liquidation was very special to us for another reason….this was a fundraiser with all proceeds going
to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Being a breast cancer survivor, it was our wish to donate what were our heartfelt memories to a cause for the cure that could help others survive. Deb supported us in advertising the cause on her website.
All in all, it was a great experience working with Consignworks and Deb’s personalized service. We appreciated their kindness and are grateful for their generous donations to our fundraiser.

Mary Ellen P. – Holden, MA (July/August 2020)

Debbie and her associates do a fantastic job. Debbie totally gets how emotional and stressful selling a home and its contents are on the owner. You won’t find a more responsive person to work with. She was always easy to reach. Her appraised value of items prior to the sale were spot on and her photos of the items for sale were beautiful. My husband and I ended up selling much more than we thought we would. I was around during some of the pick up times and it was clear Debbie has a large number of repeat customers who follow her sales. The check with the proceeds arrived shortly after the sale was complete. I had a great experience with Debbie and her crew. I highly recommend Consignworks!

Deborah F. – Dover, MA (July 2020)

Hi Deb – I’m so proud of the job you did on my behalf. ****** If I only had stars on my IPad! Thank you for your professionalism and integrity which you displayed during the Estate Sale at a very difficult period of time. With kindest regards.

Larry G. – Sudbury (April 2020)

Debra Bacon of ConsignWorks, Inc. was outstanding to work with! She and her staff are extremely professional, kind, experienced, and take care of everything from researching items even if you don’t have receipts, set up, organize, clean up; they are extremely trustworthy and willing to help you in any way you need. We had a sale a few weeks after we moved out of the house and they FaceTimed to go over every inch, kept us abreast of everything they were doing; provided an inventory list; called if offer price was different; and even helped connect us with options for the very few items and furniture that did not sell. We can’t say enough! We absolutely recommend Debra Bacon and her company!

Maddie C. – Bedford (March 2020)

We recently liquidated our large home after living there for decades. Debra and her team came in and worked tirelessly for two straight weeks; tagging, staging, re-arranging, and overall organizing. It was the most professionally handled event, beyond successful, and overall, it just made seeing your items and your life actually, FOR SALE, palatable. The check came by overnight seven days later when everything cleared, and they simply could not have been more accommodating. I have sung their praises to my real estate agent, to our neighbors, and to all our friends. An AMAZING, “caring for the customer” company. WELL DONE GANG!!!!!

Cynthia Chick – Dedham (December 2019)

We were looking to downsize from our big house in Lexington and we found a condo in Boston that was our dream home. Suddenly we were caught up in a whirlwind of house sales and purchases that was both overwhelming, and daunting. Consignworks came to our rescue! I liked the owner, Debra, the minute I spoke with her and was not disappointed as we went through the process of selling 2/3 of the belongings we had collected in our house over 20 years while raising 2 children. Debra understood the emotional challenges of this and was a reliable, trustworthy guide through it all. I feel bad to see that old reviews from 2013 when the company was owned by someone else could be affecting the current standing of Consignworks. I encourage anyone who is looking to make a big transition like this to contact Consignworks. I can say with confidence that they will be honest, caring, and reliable stewards of your belongings and home. Thanks Debra and crew! You rock.

Jonice Webb – Lexington (October 2019)

We had a very unusual situation for our estate sale. As empty nesters we sold our home six years ago and had almost all of the contents in storage ever since. When we decided it was time to remove most of the contents out of storage and sell them we needed a novel solution for our estate sale. We were lucky to connect with Deb at ConsignWorks. She immediately embraced the challenge and came up with a very novel approach to stage the Estate Sale at a third party location. Although the situation was much more complex than usual Deb made it easy for my wife and myself at every step along the way. She was a pleasure to work with, always communicating well with us and solving one problem after another. Nothing seem to bother her and she went the extra mile to reduce the strain and stress on us during a challenging time in our lives. Deb is a first class human being and a very trustworthy business person. We cannot recommend her and ConsignWorks highly enough.

Frank Moss, West Bridgewater (July 2019)

Deb Bacon and her extensive team of family, friends and professionals handled our Boston estate sale in June 2019. I enjoyed every minute of the sorting, pricing and even a portion of the sales process when I returned to Boston for the last hours of the sale. Whenever a customer questioned the provenance of an item or, more often, wanted to bargain below the range of agreed-upon prices, Deb texted me for an opinion or decision. I can recommend Consignworks to anyone looking to sell a lifetime’s worth of pretty good brown furniture, artwork and collectible antiques, as well as all manner of personal possessions.

Grace Gregor, Boston (June 2019)

I found Debbie to be extremely helpful. I called while they were operating an estate sale to check on an antique mirror I wanted and although she was obviously busy Debbie was able to check and confirm it was available. Ultimately I hesitated too long on the price and the mirror I wanted ended up being sold to an auction house. Even though Debbie no longer had anything to gain from helping me she was able to reach out to the man running the auction house and I was able to buy the mirror from him. I am so thankful and I would definitely shop Consignworks estate sales again in the future.

Ann T., Boston (June 2019)

Debra did a fantastic job. She could not have made it easier for me. Highly recommended.

James Connors, Leominster (May 2019)

Very, very happy with Consignworks!

After over 20 years in our home, we made a decision to sell and downsize. The accumulation of “stuff” over all those years was significant and we felt we could easily feel overwhelmed by the process, but Debra and her team really came through for us. They were calming and professional and did everything they promised us they’d do. Before we officially signed them up, we were given a range of likely sales, and their prediction was dead-on. The team came in to ready our home for the sale, including arranging things in a way throughout our home that made everything presented in the best possible way. And, knowing that we probably wouldn’t able to sell every last time, Debra connected us with someone in advance that could swoop in right after the sale and help us take care of whatever was left. Between the sale and the final clean-out, we were able to accomplish exactly what we needed and wanted. We’re very grateful for this time, care and professionalism.

Mark Stein – Newton (February 2019)

Very happy with the job by ConsignWorks. Deb, Linda and the entire team took care of everything from pricing of all items right through the actual sale. They are detailed oriented, professional, conscientious and made certain there was no damage to my home even though there were large crowds going through the house that weekend. I would definitely recommend them.

Susan Smith, Carlisle (February 2019)

Very happy with the job by ConsignWorks. Deb, Linda and the entire team took care of everything from pricing of all items right through the actual sale. They are detailed oriented, professional, conscientious and made certain there was no damage to my home even though there were large crowds going through the house that weekend. I would definitely recommend them.

Anne Lurie, Wayland (February 2019)

I used ConsignWorks for my estate sale after the passing of my wife. I had a house that was over 4,100 sq feet and 16 rooms filled with more than 20 years our life. I can honestly say ConsignWorks is far more than just a company to sell your items. The personal attention Debby gave in helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life was incredible. She and her entire team went the extra mile to ensure there was little or no stress organizing my house for the sale and took care of every aspect of staging for a successful sale.

Everyone was professional, courteous, helpful and always kept me fully informed how the process would work and the expectation of the sale. In the end everything was a big success.

If you want a firm you can trust and never have to worry about anything, you have to use ConsignWorks.

Kevin, Wakefield (November 2017)

We had a totally positive experience with ConsignWorks. Deb and her team did a great job of organizing and staging our belongings.

Her staff was efficient and capable. Items were attractively presented and well priced. They managed the traffic and shoppers effectively causing no disruption to our neighbors. We were very pleased with the process and the outcome.

Francine A. and Stuart M. Fisher Hill Estates, Brookline (September, 2017)

Last month we worked with Debra Bacon at Consignworks for our estate sale. It was a pleasure working with her and she exceeded our expectations. She was very professional, easy to work with and managed the whole process from the start, from interview and assessment to staging and pricing and finally to the day of the sale. She was the only consignment pro who recommended having a two-day sale, Saturday and Sunday, which helped to clear out the remaining items very well.

Furthermore, it wasn’t easy emotionally going through the estate sale after so many years of memories with each items. Deb understood it well and handled the whole process with care. I recommend her highly!

K. Kim, Belmont MA (July 2017)

Deb is very friendly, very reasonable business owner. Deb is very diversity oriented, respectful and you will never feel uncomfortable and “watched” walking through her Estate Sales.

“Happy Customer” (August 2017)

Went to an estate sale this weekend by ConsignWorks. I got some great deals. I have gone to many other sales but this was my first with them. Can’t wait to do another one.

Lester B, Middleborough, MA

We have attended several estate sales run by ConsignWorks now and have always found amazing items at terrific prices. The sales are well organized, all the staff is polite and helpful, their descriptions and pictures are accurate and helpful, they make the sales fun and appealing. We make a point of looking in advance where ConsignWorks will be next! Never dissatisfied and always come home with a few great things. Regardless of how much we spend, we always feel great!

Happy Customer!

John L. Billerica, MA (June 2016)

There is nothing easy about saying good bye to the house you built and lived in for 33 years! There is nothing easy about getting rid of the things you loved, things that made you happy, things you were so lucky to bye and to afford. But you get older and move on, you retire and have to say many good byes. And you need a lot of help. Not just from professionals, but from the people who feel for you, hold your hand and make you feel better. So you hire the Consignworks Estate Sales of Wellesley Hills and you got much more than Estate Sales company. We were just so lucky! Deb and her Mom Linda became our friends, caretakers, mentors and guiding stars. They worked tirelessly with us, supported us and prepared us for the sale. The pricing process was meticulous, fair and sophisticated with use of internet and research. They consulted the specialists and spent many days and hours to prepare for the sale. They brought all the right people to help during the sale. The photos and advertising were done professionally, and all of the preparations had paid off. What a difference the professional, attentive and friendly service could make! Thank you Deb and Linda! and all the people in the company. You really made a difference!

Nadia R., M.D. Framingham (April 2017)

We recently used Consign Works to conduct an estate sale with a house literally packed from basement to attic, and Consign Works did a truly amazing job. The process started with an in-person visit from the owner, Deb. She took the time to assess/evaluate the volume and variety of items to be sold, including antiques and collectibles, jewelry, clothing, furniture and house wares. Surprisingly, Deb then offered options available to us moving forward, with varying levels of Consign Works involvement. It was quite refreshing to hear choices that gave us the ability to decide how much assistance we needed.

We opted to engage Deb and Consign Works to handle the entire process from start to finish, and they really stepped up to the task. Deb and her staging director, Linda. demonstrated a deep knowledge of antiques/collectibles as well as the other target markets. Additionally, they spent extra time researching current market prices in order to maximize revenue. Deb’s team worked tirelessly in preparation for the sale, sorting, organizing, staging, pricing, then running the sale (and if you know estate sales, they can be quite hectic and stressful). Deb and her team handled everything with style, professionalism, integrity and humor.

Deb also showed a caring and sensitivity to the circumstances that gave rise to the need for an estate sale. Receiving such a personal touch unquestionably made the process easier and less distressing. And in the end, Deb and Consign Works achieved a fantastic result for us, leaving no doubt that Consign Works is nothing short of first rate. Accordingly, I don’t hesitate to give Deb and Consign Works my absolute highest recommendation.

Andy G, Needham, MA (April 2017)

Working with Deb and her Consignworks team on our estate sale was a real pleasure and greatly reduced the stress of emptying our parents’ home. Their careful research turned up items that we never knew had value, and the interest they generated through their detailed website information and marketing brought in a lot of buyers and great sale prices. They truly went above and beyond in preparing the house for the sale and making sure it was a big success, even despite a snowstorm the day before! Most importantly for us, they were respectful of our family and made sure to alert us to personal items they discovered and thought we might want to keep, and they organized everything expertly to display our home and belongings in the best light. I would highly recommend Consignworks!

L.D., Concord (March, 2017)

I recently sold my parents’ home in Wellesley, MA and, as part of that process, needed to empty the home of its 50 years of accumulated possessions. Adding to the complexity of this job was the fact that my siblings and I no longer live in the Boston area and would need to manage the estate sale process remotely. I was introduced to ConsignWorks by our real estate broker and was assured that Debra and her team would handle the estate sale process with the highest level of professionalism and accountability. This turned out to be exactly the case. First, due to the need to coordinate the sale with my mother’s move from the house (and our travel in from out of state), Debra arranged our estate sale with far less notice than she usually requires – a huge accommodation for us and much more work for her. She also coordinated her detailed, pre-sale inventory in such a way that my siblings and I were permitted to remove heirloom possessions that we intended to keep. Then, after I had returned home and once her sale began, she kept in constant contact with me during the course of the two-day sale process to let me know how things were going and to approve pricing on a select number of pieces. Her team was a pleasure to deal with and her post-sale financial accounting was immaculate and very professionally presented. It is clear that Debra has a passion for her work and that she very much enjoys helping families through what can often be an emotional process. I would recommend ConsignWorks’ services to anyone preparing for an estate (or similar) sale and can report that I have no reservations or criticisms about my experience with the company, Debra or her remarkable staff.

Michael M, Wellesley, MA (February 2017)

We recently sold our family home of 25 years and down sized to a townhouse, and used Deb and the crew from Consignworks to help clear out our home. Deb was great to work with in every aspect. She has a great sense of items that will sell and their value and she and her mom, Linda were a pleasure to have in my home. And they spent several days in my home setting up, staging and pricing items. Items were grouped together carefully and everything was tagged and priced, even to the point of tying up groups of napkins and table linens. These attentions to detail made a huge difference to me. The jewelry case, carefully placed at the checkout table, was a lovely way to display many old pieces of my families items along with costume jewelry. The day of the sale, the house looked more like a retail shop than my home. Their experience and following of customers lined up early the morning of the sale (according to my neighbors). Over the course of two days the vast majority of my items were picked up and off to their new destinations. Deb helped me with ideas and referrals for places to donate the remaining items. Her detailed list of my items, their asking price and selling price, along with my check for the proceeds (less her commission) was mailed to me promptly. They deserve ever penny of the commission they charge for the hard work, dedication and thoughtfulness they put into their business. Selling your family home can be emotional and a hard thing to do and Deb, Linda and crew were wonderful in every way!! Five Star!! Thanks very much.

Marcia, Weston, MA (February 2017)

I just went to an estate sale in Hingham sponsored by Consignworks and was very impressed with the way Debra worked with me to help me purchase some furniture. She was extremely patient, knowledgeable, responsive, accommodating, and flexible, and did it all with a great sense of humor. Her staff were terrific too, providing guidance and information, (without pressuring me), as I remained indecisive. Debra goes the extra mile with buyers while at the same time making sure that she can best serve her estate clients. Plus, she and her client provided a shuttle bus to take people back and forth from the home to a parking lot. Also, I thought it was very important that Debra allowed buyers arriving early to start their own list so they could organize themselves before the sale began. That way, it’s first come first served, in an orderly fashion. Debra and staff made it as convenient and enjoyable as possible for buyers and I really appreciated that. I had a lot of fun too. I highly recommend Consignworks!!!

Martha B. – Happy ConsignWorks Customer (January 2017)

I just went to an estate sale in Hingham sponsored by Consignworks and was very impressed I am incredibly impressed with your organization , dedication and attention to detail. Your “family” run operation is truly impressive. You basically handled everything for us and did an incredible job helping me sell everything in the house. It seems you have a great source of “followers”. I was particularly impressed with your professionalism and honesty. I have to tell the story of getting into my car the day before the sale and finding my sapphire earrings on the console. Either your Jeff or your son left them for me after sorting through one of the boxes. I was really touched as I bought those a while back for my daughter. In short I would highly recommend your services to anyone!!

You were a pleasure to work with. I also was so happy with the amount I made for everything!

Irene, Cambridge, MA (October 2016)

Many thanks from a most happy customer! Deb & Rich at Consignworks were perfect professionals during all stages of the sale, and wonderful to interact with. Recommended with 100% confidence!

Otto R, Acton, MA (October 2016)

Deb and her mom Linda were fantastic! Highly professional and extremely efficient and effective. I highly recommend them to run your estate sale. They were great to work with and very good at what they do!

Dianna F, Framingham, MA (September 2016)

Wonderful owner (Deb)…extremely knowledgeable/ educated about items for sale..works hard for the seller ! Gracious/ hospitable/ kind ….customer feels like you are entering her own home..always a lovely day at ConsignWorks! People will always find fabulous acquisitions!!!

Joyce and Gary (September 2016)

Debbie and the team at Consignworks put together a strategy for an estate sale that combined my POD, my home and my significant other’s home, and they came through with flying colors. We interviewed each other and felt we were a fit. My concerns were addressed and I was comfortable with Debbie. She explained the process, her commission, her team and their field of expertise in appraisal research and I felt I would be in good hands so I signed the contract. She is price competitive with the competition and her service is outstanding. Professional, reliable, experienced. I had a couple of “plants” the day of the sale and they raved about the staging, crowd management, and how my home and property were monitored and protected.

I can’t say enough. Consignworks works. Period.

Mary-Jane – aka one happy client, Weston, MA (August 2016)

Deb and her team were very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. Selling a family home after many decades is not without its challenges and Deb and Co. were kind and considerate guides throughout the entire process. We were grateful to have Deb’s help and if we ever have another estate sale we will certainly be giving consign works a call.

G and M Hershenson, Wellesley, MA (July 2016)

Consignworks is a professionally run company… Deb Bacon is awesome. Very detail oriented, thorough and wonderful at her job! The staff was incredible; sales were great and the house was left afterwards in impeccable condition. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thank you!

Amy and Jeff, Sudbudy, MA (July 2016)

We are grateful to the entire ConsignWorks team for working so hard on our behalf. They were a pleasure to work with, put in countless hours starting the week before our sale as they staged and priced the many pieces that we intended to sale. I highly recommend ConsignWorks. My husband and I are most appreciative of their expertise, professionalism and kindness as we tackled what felt like an insurmountable task of cleaning out our house.

J Sufrin, Waban, MA (June 2016)

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on our estate sale. We were very pleased with the results, which you were pretty accurate in predicting (expectations are so important). I felt we profited from your advice, particularly on the advisability of moving out before the sale, so people could focus on the items for sale. I enjoyed working with you, which put a little bit of fun into a difficult process.

I wish you good luck moving forward and would not hesitate to recommend your company.

J Cohen, Wayland, MA (May 2016)

When I initially considered an estate sale I was confused by the options and unsure after reading a number of reviews of various local companies. There was a lot of bad press. I opted to contact a company with the most positive reviews and took it from there. I liked the fact that they had done some charity work and that they had a longer track record than most.

Deb Bacon came to meet with me and survey the property. She was personable, factual and was forthright about what items sold readily and what were more difficult. Her team showed up 2 days before the sale, priced articles and staged the house. There was particular attention to traffic flow, protection of the floors and ensuring security for items that were not for sale. There was great communication throughout and if the team had any questions they readily asked for input. Consideration was also given to parking, traffic flow and minimizing the impact on my neighbors.

The day of the sale, they showed up early. There were adequate staff members to help buyers, move furniture and keep my home and belongings secure. The entire team were personable, respectful and honest. They also helped clean up after the sale was over.

The sale went very well and I was pleased with the outcome. Despite the commission rate, which was standard, I realized a tidy profit. This was forwarded to me within a week.

I had not realized how much work went into successfully running an estate sale. It is a fairly complex operation. Consignworks ran it like the professional organization that they are, and I was very happy with the process, from start to finish. My home, my possessions, my family and the buyers were all treated with respect.

I have recommended this company to friends . If I were to have another sale I would have absolutely no hesitation in contacting Consignworks to handle it. It was a pleasure working with them!

S MacMaster, Westborough, MA (April 2016)

Earlier this month, after 25 years in our larger suburban house, we decided to downsize and move into a much smaller condo in the city. This move required that we dispose of a lot of furniture and other household items. We called Deb at Consignworks for help. She was absolutely terrific to work with on this project; responsive, emotionally supportive, and very thoughtful about how to best present/stage the sale and set prices to encourage buyers to purchase the items at our one day sale. She was instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of cleaning out the house, offloading the items, and defraying moving expenses. In addition, although her team certainly wasn’t obligated to do so, they helped us move some of the heavier items into our garage that were destined for gifting to a charitable organization.

Even after our sale, Deb continued to offer advice, support and guidance on how we might offload some of the larger pieces of furniture that did not sell at the consignment sale. She and her team are incredibly professional. I would recommend Consignworks to my friends and colleagues.

Joan, Weston, MA (March 2016)

Consignworks Rocks!

Thank you to Deb and her team for making the estate sale both effortless and profitable. She took care of everything: staging, pricing, selling, and donating what didn’t get sold (which wasn’t much!).

The process of cleaning out a loved ones personal possessions is a daunting one. Deb is sensitive to this, and helped at every step of the way. The sale was well promoted and the attendance was truly fantastic. Deb’s people made sure that everyone who came in was respectful, and the sale was well organized.

When the sale was finished, the accounting came within a week and it was clear and easy to understand.

In short, I would highly recommended Consignworks, and was thankful to have Deb’s team helping us during a difficult time.

L BeckerYoung, Carlisle, MA (January 2016)

We did enjoy working with you and your staff. They were very professional and did a great job of preparing for the sale. It’s unfortunate that the weather discouraged higher sales. We will recommend you to anyone we know who is thinking about a sale and would be happy to be a reference for you.

E and M Shooman, Newton, MA (January 2015)

The Consignworks Team took charge when I needed help with my initial move to Florida. Sifting through 30 years of keepsakes deciding what stays and goes, pricing, staging and selling, the team was professional and a delight to work with. Even when I misplaced a favorite whimsical bird and thought it was accidentally sold, they researched and replaced it without question… I eventually found it in another room and realized it was my mistake… I highly recommend them. They are hardworking and honest. I could never have done this myself.

Didi, Wellesley, MA (December 2014)

Best move we could have made!

We contracted with Consignworks for our downsizing sale in December, 2014. We had a large Victorian estate, with a 5,500 square foot home and 3000 square foot carriage house. It was a lot of house to furnish, and it meant it was a lot of house to downsize.

I researched estate sale companies and found Consignworks and its web site. I connected with the owner, Deidra, and she came out to take a look, explain the process, etc.

From the minute we met her, my wife and I felt very comfortable with Deidra. She is realistic, direct, humorous and engaging, and she really knows her stuff. We walked through the entire house and all three floors of the carriage house and she took some photos of specialty items so she could do some additional research.

Once we signed on, the process was amazing. A team of Consignworks staffers arrived like clockwork (despite icy road conditions that day) early in the week of the sale. They were a pleasant and fun bunch – my wife and I spent a lot of time in the house with them that week, and they were fantastic. They organized and reorganized everything, staged it all, and priced it out over the next several days. Here’s an example of how efficiently they work: they took all of the drapes, measured each pair, folded them neatly by pair, taped them with blue painter’s tape by pair, and then marked the length and width on the blue tape. They had one room staged for all the linens, one for any clothing items (including my wife’s shoes and handbags), the glassware was all laid out precisely on our built-in buffet cabinets. Everything was made to be readily accessible by the buyers. Their team used iPads to research pricing for items they were unsure of, so that by the time Saturday morning rolled around, we were comfortable that the stuff would sell and we’d get a fair return.

Consignworks advertised the sale, including more than 100 photos of various items and a description of the sale. They have a mailing list of more than 4000 people who received it, in addition to advertising in local and state-wide newspapers, etc.

Early in the morning of the day of the sale, there were buyers waiting on my front porch at 6:30 am to get their numbers to be the first through the doors at 9 am. We knew then we’d sell a lot that day.

On the day of the sale, the team arrived, this time augmented by strong movers, who were ready to dismantle furniture, roll up rugs, etc., and carry it to the buyers’ vehicles. We spent the day moving into our new place, and arrived back just as the sale was winding up at 4 pm. The house looked completely different than it had that morning. Our dining room table was coming out the door as we were walking in. The rugs (we had dozens) were all gone. The countertops in our kitchen &Mdash; which earlier in the day had dozens of items on them — were nearly cleared of things. So much was gone — it was truly amazing. Consignworks got a nice return on their time, and we got a big fat check following the sale. We got rid of tons of items we didn’t want/couldn’t use/didn’t need in our downsized new space, and they sent a detailed, itemized list so we could see what sold and at what price.

Simply put, without Consignworks, we would have been screwed. They sold more than 1100 items in one day (the actual number is much higher as many were sold in lots of 10 or 12, etc.). I could have had yard sale after yard sale and used Craigslist for months on end, but would never had been able to rid the house of so much in just one day. From start to finish, we could not have asked for a better experience.

Alan and Theresa, Hopedle, MA (December 2014)

My 6,000 square foot house in Wayland MA was full of furniture and items accumulated over a life time of small treasures searches. Even the basement was full of practical and not so practical items. Your teams executed perfectly the plan we developed: a first estate sale before the house was put on the market, and a second estate sale when the house was sold. Many people told me how fascinating it was to see so many people coming through during each day, from beginning to end of the sale. As a result, I ended up with an empty house, and a good financial result. Most of all though, I appreciated the attitude of Kathy and her team on the job, preparing the sale, conducting the sale, and closing house afterwards. Thank you for a job extremely well done.

Albert, Wayland, MA (April & August 2014)

I have been meaning to get back to you since the Estate Sale on August 2nd. Thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure to work with the entire Consignworks staff. In fact it was a little sad to see them all go after the 2 days here organizing and pricing everything. I received wonderful feedback from the neighborhood, as well as from people I knew who attended the sale.You won’t believe it, but apparently one of the customers who was at the sale, has a husband in the building business and he has offered to purchase the house. We are still working out details, but I am confident the sale will go through in the near future. This means no real estate agent, septic systems or home inspections, and we will be able to move on to Maine sooner than later. Keep your fingers crossed!

Penny, Weston, MA (August 2014)

I wanted to let you to know that the Consignworks staff was amazingly professional and well-organized. Even my neighbors commented on how thoughtful they were.

Patty, Brookline, MA (June 2014)

I used Consignworks with a recent move from a home of 30 years and I was beyond pleased with their business and service. Everyone I dealt with, from the sales person who came to my house to go over the process with me, to the staff who handled the sale, was kind, attentive, professional and bent over backwards to make it painless and go smoothly. It is a very hard thing to move and downsize and Consignworks was a huge help with this process. I would highly recommend them!

Former Sherborn resident, Sherborn, MA (May 2014)

Just wanted to take the time and send a note of thanks to you and your team for all your efforts in making our “estate sale” a success!! What a relief to have a group of talented stagers, researchers, photographers, movers etc. make this sale effortless for us. I have already referred Consignworks to three other families I know who will be moving in the near future. Please thank everyone for us and let them ALL know if they are in NC they should contact us. Great team, great success!!

Roberta and Ted, Sudbury, MA (May 2014)

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great job you and your staff did on the estate sale. Everything was handled in such a professional manner, and we really enjoyed working with the entire Consignworks staff. Downsizing and moving can be such a daunting and stressful task, but you made it a seamless process. Everything was displayed beautifully, and the turnout was absolutely incredible. There is, again, just no way we could have managed this sale without you and your help. Again, I just can’t thank you enough for all you did to make my sale a complete success.

Pat, Reading, MA (April 2014)

I wanted to thank you and your colleagues at Consignworks for the great job you all did with our estate sale. I was impressed from the start of the process when I interviewed you and a couple of other estate sale companies. What I appreciated was Consignworks thorough, thought-out process; extensive knowledge and resources; responsiveness; adaptability to my needs; and high level of professionalism. You and the Consignworks team exceeded my expectations (which are quite high). I would highly recommend Consignworks and will surely refer you to anyone I know who is considering an estate sale.

Jayne, Needham, MA (March 2014)

Consignworks held a sale at my Concord home several weeks ago. I want to thank Kathy and her entire crew for doing an excellent job. They were very professional and positive in our first meeting and that continued all the way through the sale. They did a wonderful job staging and pricing all the items the week ahead of time and were flexible when adding items up to the day of the sale. The staff was sure to research any items that held specific value and priced those pieces accordingly. The day of the sale went like clockwork from start to finish. They arrived early and helped deliver numbers to the customers and set up for an easy and efficient checking out system. Kathy worked extra hard to negotiate the highest price possible with all of the furniture and rugs and managed to sell almost everything we had. The crew then came the next morning to help with moving any additional items. Not a scratch on any wall or floor. Again – great job and we look forward to referring you to friends and colleagues.

Sally, Concord, MA (March 2014)

Jack, Bryan, and I want to express our appreciation to you and the employees of Consign Works Inc. From my first meeting with Vicki through Sunday, February 9th, everything went very well. All of your employees were very professional, knowledgeable, suppportive as well as friendly especially Kathy. I also want to mention that John did and excellent job clearing out the house after the sale. Deidra, thank you for a wonderful estate sale experience. If you ever make it to Houston, be sure and look us up.

Marie, Milton, MA (February 2014)

My husband and I faced the dilemma of emptying an 8 room house where we had lived for over 15 years. A friend suggested looking into an Estate Sale and we found ConsignWorks on the internet. My first call convinced me that I found an organization that I wanted to work with and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone we worked with was professional, reliable and enthusiastic. The whole process went off without a hitch and my husband and I were amazed at how ConsignWorks handled everything from beginning to end. I have no reservations in offering a ringing endorsement. What could have been a really stressful experience turned out to be fun.

Adrienne, Wilbraham, MA (January 2014)

I had to take a minute to tell you about the experience with having your crew for our Estate Sale last week and weekend-

1) On Tues I met the staging and pricing crew at the property, they were great! Led by Kathy (who was awesome) they worked efficiently and professionally, everyone sprang to it and did a great job!

2) On Thursday a couple of girls (under the direction of Kathy again) returned to finish up on the pricing and get the credit card computer working. Again, great team work.

3) Sat was the big day, a whole new team showed up (except for Carolyn who had been there each day with a smile and kind word). I was nervous but became at ease quickly with the direction and support of Debbie, everyone fell into place and instinctively knew what to do. After a brief conversation with Deb, I knew all I needed to do was stay out of their way and offer support if needed. Deb is so knowledgeable and so good, along with the team of Mike, Drew and James(wow hard working and funny as heck). Andrea as cashier (she worked so hard without any break) and with the challenges of the credit card machine being down never ever complained. She was stationed at the front door and it was very cold, poor thing never moved or complained about that either. Carolyn did an amazing job covering a large and very full area always being friendly and cheerful. She was GREAT. Every single one of your team worked so hard and so professionally but the best part was they kept a GREAT sense of humor and made it so much fun for everyone including the shoppers. Deb was firm when she needed to be, patient, cooperative and friendly, extremely knowledgeable and as a result we had a very good day emotionally, professionally and financially! This is one of the best teams I have ever worked with, they work so well together and they deserve to be commended. They tidied up at the end, they thanked us, (we owe them all the thanks!) It was a wonderful experience!

You and Tana run a great business and this crew certainly earned their keep and then some this week and weekend! This is the third sale your company has done for my clients and I am so very grateful that I’ve had the privilege to work with you all again! My client was pleased with the results, and that’s what it’s all about!! Thank you all for your hard work- I am extremely grateful! Keep up the good work and I hope to work with you again very soon! Happy Holidays to all my new and old friends!

Kathy, Wellesley, MA (December 2013)

Consignworks came highly recommended from my realtor. Now I see why. My brother passed away and as executor of the estate, I had to clean out the house before the sales closing date. Living in Florida with a 5,000+ sq. ft. house in Massachusetts to sell, I was a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of selling the contents of the house in a short amount of time. Consignworks came to the rescue. Kathy and the crew know how to price everything to sell quickly and get the most money for the estate. They were very professional from start to finish. A huge crowd came to the estate sale in a buying frenzy for the entire day. I could not believe that items sold at what I thought were prices that were marked way too high. They knew what they were doing and pulled the whole thing off flawlessly. Consignworks sent me an itemized list of all the items sold with a check in a short amount of time. It was an amazing experience. They got the job done, delivering above my expectations and precisely on schedule. Thank you.

Scott, Medfield, MA (November 2013)