Estate and Moving Sales

Consignworks offers comprehensive, professionally managed estate & moving sale services for individuals that need to sell furniture, home furnishings and decor, jewelry, vehicles and pretty much anything else! We handle all aspects of staging, pricing, promotion and staffing of sales. We strive to make each sale a success, with minimal disruption to our clients. We are full-service firm that is dedicated to reselling furniture, antiques, art and fine items, and uniquely qualified to handle larger estates. We will also help you coordinate post-sale activities, such as consignment and clean-out. 

Why choose Consignworks?

Selling antiques, furniture, art, china, glass and fine items is something that comes with experience – and our staff comes to the table armed with decades of experience!  We provide the most comprehensive set of services and largest number of possible channels for resale. Our professional staff has extensive knowledge of antiques, art, home furnishings, and collectibles, so we are best prepared to resell your items properly, and to the right buyers.

Our staff is thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in item identification and pricing. Antiques and collectibles are our speciality. Our knowledge of the market, new trends, coupled with our extensive network of certified appraisers, dealers and buyers enables us to get the best prices for our clients. With Consignworks, your items are matched to the best channel and the right buyer.

Consignworks has been running estate sales since 2004. Our sales are extremely well-attended with hundreds of prospective buyers at each sale. Since we have a mailing list of well over 7500 customers, it is virtually assured that you will have hundreds if not thousands of people in attendance. We NEVER “seed” sales with other items, nor do we buy-out estates. We inventory estate sale items and prices are mutually agreed upon before the sale. We create a list of all items that are material to your estate so that you can see for yourself the prices we realized for your items post-sale. You will be paid within 10 business days of the sale. We accept all credit cards at our estate sales.

Our sales have one or more cashiers, movers to handle the moving of furniture into client vehicles, and staff to monitor all rooms. Our staff are personable, knowledgeable and there to maximize sales for you. We also offer an online format for estate sales as well for those that find themselves in situations where having the sale “on-site” is not feasible.

Employees are bonded and fully insured. Consignworks is a Massachusetts corporation, and insured for liability, workmen’s compensation, fire, theft, umbrella, etc. We are A+ certified by the BBB of Central New England and Greater Boston.  We are all about professional and worry-free services.

Visit our Current Sales page to see current and previous estate sales, or come to one of our sales and say hello!

Want more information?  Email us at sales@consignworks.com or call us at 1-508-943-1818