About Consignworks

ConsignWorks is New England’s premier professional estate sale company. We focus on private residences, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Our sales encompass everything from average-sized homes, to the largest estates (10,000 sq ft and higher, 2,000+ attendees, multiple locations). Our broad and extensive experience enables us to handle estates that include antiques and collectibles, to today’s contemporary home furnishings. Since 2004, Consignworks has run thousands of estate sales covering a large area of Massachusetts. We have a staff of specialists that have direct experience and knowledge with antiques, art, jewelry, collectibles, china, glass, pottery, toys and more.  We are based in Wellesley and Framingham and our headquarters is in the Worcester area.

Our resale approach uses “multiple-markets,” to obtain the maximum value for our clients. From area consignment stores, to auction houses, to specialty dealers in art, rugs, books and collectibles, we take the time to identify the proper venue for your items before and after the sale. ConsignWorks has long, established relationships with many respected appraisers, dealers and companies that cater to specialty items. For higher-end pieces, we work with premier art and auction houses.


Having worked with ConsignWorks for over 15 years, Debra Bacon assumed ownership of the company in January 2016 and business has been booming! This change in ownership has been virtually seamless and we were delighted to see the familiar faces we had come to expect at our sales. Our loyal customer base and our continually growing mailing list are a testament to the relationships we have built over the many years of serving our customers! We take enormous pride in what we do and we think it shows! Linda, and her discerning eye for a well appointed, gorgeous home is absolutely expert at getting our sales ready for you! She has lots of help from our stagers – Stephanie, Carolyn, Mary, Julie and Max! You may not know some of these people as their jobs are primarily behind the scene.  Many of you are familiar with our employees on sale day – Rich, Linda, Carolyn, Felix, Kelly, Marissa, Claudia and Katie our cashier have helped you decide what to buy while Max, Michael, Scott, Travis and Jeff may have helped you move purchased items to your vehicles  – and it has been our pleasure to serve you! We are continually adding more sales to the calendar as we move forward – busy, busy, busy! We thank you for your ongoing patronage and look forward to seeing your at our next sale!